The Nashville Project: Stage 1

Write, record and perform your debut single!

The Nashville Project is a music writing and recording workshop for all budding songwriters, instrumentalists and performers! All participants will be carefully allocated to form a rock/pop band or an appropriate instrumental/voice ensemble. Guided by professional music tutors, create lyrics, melody and rhythms with your band members.

Get a taste of what the pros do: write and compose, rehearse together as a group, then step into the recording studio to record your masterpiece. Finish off with a professional photoshoot with small props and costumes to transform you into a star!

Unsure of your composing/songwriting abilities? Don’t worry, our professional music teachers will guide you every step of the way. For all young musicians wanting a taste of the recording world – don’t miss out!


  • Small groups (maximum of 6 students per ensemble)
  • Carefully allocated according to most appropriate age, ability and complementary instruments and style preferences wherever possible
  • Dedicated professional music tutor for each group
  • Separate lyric writing session for vocalists
  • Photoshoot with props to transform you into a star
  • Your completed recording and printed CD Jacket will be mailed to you in 2 weeks

Suitable for:

Ages: Yr 1 (Age 6) to Yr 6 (Age 12)

Levels: For students with a minimum 1 year of formal music lessons (You will be grouped according to the most appropriate age and level similar in ability and complementary instruments/voice)

Instruments welcome: All instruments – there’s a part for everyone!

Details: Holiday Workshop

When: Wed 10 Oct

Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm (3hrs)

Cost: $79 (Includes GST)

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Call: 4723 7611

The Nashville Project: Stage 2

Band Lesson/Rehearsal + Major Performance at the Conservatorium Concert

Stage 2 of the Nashville Project, continue tasting what the pros do and perform! Dubbed “A Midsummer Night”, the annual Conservatorium Concert will the pinnacle of the year as you showcase your original piece in this exclusive event. Rehearse your original song/piece with your band members as you learn from professional music teachers, masterclass style! In this lesson, you will be taught to play together as a true band to bring out your performance flair! Be sure you have practised and if possible, even memorised your parts!

With a full rehearsal scheduled beforehand, you will perform with your band/ensemble members and show off your masterpieces at the annual Conservatorium Concert!

Tickets will be on sale from November (performers do not require a ticket).


Band Lesson/Rehearsal: Wed 5 Nov

Time: 4pm-5:30pm

Concert: Wed 12 Dec


Rehearsal – 4pm

Dinner Break – 6pm

Concert starts – 7pm (1.5hrs) 

Cost: $39 (Includes GST)

Cost includes both rehearsal and concert days for a combined 3.5hrs of lessons + performance

Suitable for:

Participants of The Nashville Project: Stage 1