Give yourself the best chance for two thumbs up

Give yourself the best chance for two thumbs up


To apply for a position you need to provide a written application. To give yourself the best chance of being short-listed for a position it’s worth making sure you:
 Read the Job Advertisement and Position Description Carefully

The Job Advertisement and Position Description help you decide whether the position is suitable for you, including the salary, employment conditions, duties and responsibilities.

In addition, the Position Description identifies the key Selection Criteria and personal qualities required for the position in relation to qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, interpersonal style and attributes.

Applications should address the Selection Criteria and include a CV that demonstrates ability to deliver the Key Specific Functional Responsibilities.If you have questions or queries about the job, it’s always important to contact the relevant staff member listed in the advertisement for clarification.

Complete your CV and Cover Letter

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be updated, clear and concise and provide an outline of your personal details, education and training, employment history and dates of previous positions. It should also provide contact details for recent referees.

Your Cover Letter should provide a general overview of your experience, a brief outline of which position you are applying for and the reasons why you are interested in the vacancy.

You should also include a statement of your claims against the Selection Criteria.

Be on time

It’s always important to prepare your application well ahead of the closing date to give you time to revise it and to ensure you’re not tripped up by any last minute dramas. If there are special circumstances please be sure to get in touch and talk to us about your situation.