Over 250,000 people attend and participate in events and programs ran by Penrith Performing & Visual Arts each year. We aim to provide our community with the very best performing and visual arts experiences that educate, entertain and inspire.

Become a PP&VA Donor today and ensure our programs remain accessible, allow us to expand our education program and support artistic excellence.

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  • $30 – Assists one student from a disadvantaged school to attend a production
  • $300 – Funds a class of students from a disadvantaged school to attend a visual arts workshop
  • $2000 – Funds one disadvantaged student to attend music lessons for 1 year
  • $5000+ – Assists The Q to commission and produce new work

Donations to Penrith Performing & Visual Arts Ltd are Tax deductible.

If you would like more information about making a donation, sponsorship or bequest, contact us on 4723 7611.

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