Review of Daisy Moon Was Born This Way by Edie W

I should start off by thanking my mother who is the sole reason I got dragged out of my bedroom to see this amazing play. Without her I would most definitely have just stayed in my room and wasted time on my phone.

In Daisy Moon Was Born This Way, playwright Emily Sheehan did a wonderful job of marrying the whimsical, teenage vibe with the more serious and sad back story. I particularly enjoyed seeing Daisy (Isabelle Ford) grow as a character, and as a fellow bisexual 14-year-old Lady Gaga enthusiast, I really related to her. I also enjoyed Parker (Ayeesha Ash) and how her curious and friendly nature helped Daisy to open up more.

I got so excited when Daisy and Parker kissed at the end that I was shaking my mum, who was in the seat next to me. It’s really nice to see some representation for the LGBTQ+ community and even though it isn’t explicitly mentioned, Daisy being bisexual was really nice to see and meant a lot for me.

I started off without much sympathy for Noah (Andre Drysdale) because he seemed like the typical, jerky teenage boy you’d find at my school, but by the last scene I ended up really liking him. His monologue was written marvelously, and this moment of vulnerability progressed his character even further.

The use of music and lighting (Benjamin Turner) in the transitions made the whole play flow smoothly.

It was nice to see Daisy put her friends and family as a top priority which shows that she has grown from when she forced her mother to take her to the concert. Daisy Moon Was Born This Way is unique and exciting and it was a joy to watch the story of all these characters unfold from the front row seat.